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Shower Bases

When it comes to showers you have many options for choosing the right base for your lifestyle.

In our store we offer many different materials for your base and can show you the benefits each has to offer you and help you choose the best product for your application. The most important features are that it is not a flimsy base and that it is one you love the look of. Your base is just that a base, the foundation on which everything else in the shower is standing on.  If your base fails everything else fails.  You can be confident in choosing any of the materials we offer, whether it is Marble, Fiberglass, Tile or Cast Iron.  Stop in and let us show you why our bases are the best!

Cast Granite and Marble


Marble and Cast-Granite bases have become one of our most popular products over that past few years.  They are made here in the Mid-West and can be created for you in many standard sizes, as well as being created to fit into your custom application.


This one piece design makes cleaning a breeze.  No grout joints!  These bases are solid.  Not a hollow form. With over 50 colors to choose from it is hard not to find a perfect fit!

We can have walls and vanity counter tops made to match as well.  Making your design flow together beautifully.

carstin shower.jpg

Fiberglass and Acrylic

Fiberglass and acrylic shower bases also offer and easy clean option with a clean solid color look.  

Our fiberglass shower bases made in Idaho are created in Standard and Custom sizes.  They fill the underside to create a solid, non flexing base.  

These bases can be made in many threshold heights including barrier free.

With many colors to choose from you are sure to find the right one for you.

best bath.jpg

Tiled Shower Base

Tiled shower bases are beautiful.  They do take quite a bit more time and care in the installation process.  This is not always the best "Do It Yourself" project, but it can be done right with the right advice and products.  Tile bases also take a bit more time and care on the cleaning end as well.  There will be a lot of grout showing. There are many shapes, colors and styles in the mosaic world to choose from.  We have many to look at in our store.  If this is the style you like we can help.

hex tile.jpg

Cast Iron

Most of us are familiar with Cast Iron.  It is a strong and durable product that has been used to make bath tubs for over 100 years.  If you prefer this material for a shower base we can get make that happen for you!  even if you have a custom area we can help you create that using a standard size base.  Our most popular shower base is one that takes the place of the standard tub area.  Keeping the drain on the end , left or right, makes the plumbing in of the base a little easier.

cast iron base.jpg
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